ICU Patient Monitor 12.1 Inch Vital Signs Monitor ECG RESP SPO2 NIBP TEMP

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12.1' inch colored, high definition (800 x 600) TFT screen

Parameters: SPO2, ECG, NIBP, TEMP, RESP

Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients

72 hours graphic and tabular trends of all parameters

32 seconds full-disclosure waveform review

500 NIBP measurement data can be stored and recalled

Storage and recall of 500 SpO2 measurement data

Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery

Equiped with internal printer, Support for 3 channal waveform print



Accuracy: ±2% at 70-100%; <70%, undefined;

Alarm Range: 50-100% and OFF;

Averaging: 4,8,16 ;

Pulse rate(From SpO2)

Range: 30-250bpm;

Accuracy: ±2bpm at 30-250bpm;

Alarm Range: 30-250BPM and OFF;

NIBP(Non-Invasive Blood Pressure)   

Method: Oscillometry;  

Modes: Manual/Auto/Comtinuous ;

Auto measure time: Adjustable;  

Measurement range: 10-270mmHg (Adult/Pediatric), 10-150mmHg(Neonate);

Accuracy: Meets or exceeds SP10--1992 Standard for NIBP accuracy;

Over Pressure Safe: Double Protection;


Lead mode:3-lead or 5-lead  

Lead selection:I;II;III,avR;avF;V  

Heart rate range:Adult:15-300bpm;Pediatric/Neonatal:15-300bpm  

ECG waveform:7 channals  

Accuracy: ±1 bpm or ±1%,which is greater  

S-T segment detection;measurement range: -2.0mv~2.0mv  

Alarm:Yes,audible and  visual alarm,alarm events review  


Method:RA-LL Impedance  


Apnca alarm:Yes


Range:0-50 °c  

Accuracy: ± 0.10 °c   


Internal Printer

Equiped with internal printer, Be available to print 3 channels waveform.

Environment Specification

Operating Temp.: 0 to 50°c

Storage Temp.: -20 to +60°c(For building in Lithium Battery)

Relative Humidity: 30 to 95%(Operating), 10 to 95%(Storage)

Power supply

AC power adapter, AC 85~265V/ 50Hz/60Hz;

Lithium battery,11.1V/4400mAh

Package List:

Main Uint----------------------------------1PCS

Adult SpO2 Probe------------------------1PCS

5-leads ECG Cable----------------------1PCS


NIBP Cuff for Adult----------------------1PCS

NIBP Extension Tube--------------------1PCS

Temperature Probe----------------------1PCS

Power cable-------------------------------1PCS


User manual------------------------------1PCS

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