4D Smart Electric Neck Shoulder Waist Full Body Massager

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1. Silicone material, exquisite non-slip, portable design, more worry-free use
2. Skin-friendly material, good elasticity, more comfortable massage experience
3. Applicable to multiple parts, massage wherever you want
4. Red light irradiation and hot compress to relieve stress, it is as comfortable as applying a hot towel, accelerates blood circulation, and relieves neck muscle stiffness
5. The spherical surface area with a diameter of 15mm, imitating the contact form of the thumb, built-in 8 spherical massage contacts, contacting the skin and rotating force
6. Super torque, up to 5800 times per minute, ensuring high torque, low noise and lower power consumption
7. Can knead 86 times per minute, four modes can be adjusted
8. Adaptive arc, built-in two surround directions, you can also switch at will during massage


Product size: 20CM*10CM*9CM
Whole machine weight: 920g
Working temperature: -5 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius
Power supply mode: 2600mAh
Lithium battery massage cycle: 15min
Rated power: 8W
Rated voltage: 5VDC
4D Multifunctional Portable Cervical Massager
Shiatsu kneading, two-way kneading, one-button adjustment, detachable handle, four-point positioning, wireless use

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