Air bag camping sleeping mat inflatable mattress with pillow

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name: Air Mattress
Material: Nylon TPU Seal Coating
weight: about 550g
Size Before Filling: 26 * 10 cm (long * wide)
Size After Filling: 190 * 60 * 5 cm (long * wide * thick)
Package List: 1 * Air Mattress 1 * Storage bag
Model Number: Camping pad
By Inflating Mode: External Inflator Pump
Material: Nylon + TPU
Proof pad types: Inflatable moisture pad


1. Easy to inflate with 5-10 breaths and deflate within one second by open valve
2. 235 x 70CM larger size suitable for most people - back, side, stomach sleepers
3. Size After Filling: 235*70*6cm(long*wide*thick), get rid of a heavy backpack
4. Waterproof material isolate moisture, keep you warm and easy to clean
5. There's a patched fabric to protect sleeping pad when there's a hole to avoid air leakage.
6.Comfortable and Reliable: Comfort and no leak is the priority, with air-support cell design to limit air movement and heat loss. The cubed surface design fits the body’s natural curves, whether you sleep on this on your back, sides, or stomach, you can always feel comfortable. The specially designed Two Way Valve prevents the air leak, so there’s no worry about get up and inflate it in the middle of the night, just have a good sleep.
7.Ultralight and Durable: Premium ultralight Ripstop Nylon fabric and extruded TPU Lamination, no chemical smell. (R-Value: 1.3) It gives you a durable sleeping pad, no worry about sharp stone or branch. Weigh the only 510g, our Camping Pad is easy to carry and perfect for your tent and hammock.

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