Anti-fog UV Swimming Glasses With Earplug

SKU: 25054433-a1-us

Color: A1



100% brand new and high quality
Material: PC(Lens)+SILICONE(Eyecup and eye band)
Color: Black, Blue, Pink, Silver
Goggles Size: Adjustable (For Adult)


1. PC lens, high wear resistance, practical, fashionable
2. Excellent UV Prevention,anti-fog, and clear view
3. Double-deck soft thickening silicone gasket, closer to your eyes
4. Adjustable silicone strap to better shape your face and avoid tightening your head, Newly adjustable strap protect your eyes, Comfortable and secure fitting of the goggles.
5. The high-quality sealing ring to avoid water-leaking
6. Fashion Design: Colorful outlook with delicate technology
7. Use and clean easily

Package Include:

1 x Swimming Goggles (No include box)


1. To clean goggles, always rinse completely under cold water to remove chlorine, salt, sand, and other contaminants and allow to air dry in a warm, clean environment.
2. Do not leave your goggles out under direct sunlight as this can dry the soft silicone seals and fade its color.
3. Never rub or wipe the insides of your lenses as this can scratch or remove the anti-fog coating.
4. Before use, adjust the nose-belt and band for waterproof and comfortable wear.
5. To enhance the anti-fog effect, dip the lenses in clear water for a few seconds before use.

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