Portable Automatic Inflatable jacket Waist Belt for Fishing Swimming

SKU: 260635




Made of TPU and Nylon material, it is lightweight, durable and comfortable.

With adjustable belt design, you can adjust size to match you need.

The automatic inflation device automatically activates the device in the event of a distressed drowning emergency.

Equipped with reflective tapes for visibility at night, red tube for manual air charging. Reusable, washable, convenient, easy to air dry.

Ideal for sailing, fishing, hunting, flat-water paddling, stand up paddle boarding, recreational boating etc…


Material: TPU + Nylon

Flotation Time: About 24 Hours

Buoyancy: ≥78N

Air inflation time: 5s

Package Weight: approx. 700g


1 x Inflatable Belt

2 x Reflective Tapes(not include inflation bottle)

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