Hot & Cold Therapy Back Gel Ice Pack

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1.Designed as an adjustable and comfortable gel ice pack wrap with opposite strong velcro straps to help secure and tighten it in place during hot or cold therapy on any large area of your body: back, shoulders, torso, legs, or calves etc. — surely a perfect way to stay mobile while in treatment!
2.Utilize for hot application to encourage blood flow and circulation, perfect for: back pain, muscle pain and spasms, mild arthritis, sprains, strains, stomachache, stiff neck, menstrual cramps, etc.
3.Or utilize for cold application to reduce swelling after injury or trauma, such as: sports injuries, joint pain, fever or headaches, minor burns, etc.
4.Designed for many, many, times of uses as it is constructed to last indefinitely if handled carefully. To help prolong its effectiveness, make sure not to overheat it in the microwave nor leave it under direct sunlight for a long period.
5.FLEXIBLE, MICROWAVABLE, & REUSABLE: Utilize for BOTH hot and cold application; rest assured, the gel ice pack will remain to be flexible even after storing it in the freezer. It is totally reusable too as it is designed for multiple times of uses and constructed to last indefinitely especially if handled carefully.
6.HIGH-QUALITY & SAFE: The gel ice pack is made up of non-toxic gel contained in a durable leak-proof nylon which won't rip, tear,or puncture. Recommended by doctors, sports professionals, and therapists alike, it surely covers a large area at 14" x
5.9" for efficient treatment.

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1*main body

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