2-Pack Ball Manual Roller Massager

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As a powerful exercise tool, this massage ball can relieve muscle soreness and promotes body recovery, help relax back stiffness and shoulder sore.

It can be used over clothes, with massage oils and lotion, for use on dry skin, oiled skin both in the tub or spa.

Unique 360-degree spin design presents you a dreamy soothing massage trip. Just lay back and relax, these rollers will remove the stress and knots by simply rolling right over knots.

It is good for arthritis sufferers as no need to use their hands to massage for longer periods of time.

With the sturdy construction, hand grip design, you can control it easily to apply the ideal pressure on tense areas.


Material: artificial resin

Color: Blue

Ball diameter: 5.4cm

Base diameter: 6.5cm

Height: 6.1cm


2* Massage Ball

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