Children's swimming pool thickening babies play pool multilayer multi ball pool

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Product features:

The pool with a unique version of the full version of the printing, gorgeous color, can stimulate the baby's visual nerve.

The use of double crystal bubble bottom, more comfortable, more secure.

Each layer of independent safety gas plug, respectively, according to the need to inflate, with a few layers of inflation, more convenient and practical.

Leak proof safety plug used for the 4, all the gas plug uniform, even open the gas plug will not leak

Size: 115*90*70cm

Matters needing attention:

1, remember not to use the water directly into the pool, to avoid damage to the pool, should be put in cold water and then put hot water, the temperature is suitable for the body to take a bath, but also allow the child to swim in the pool.

2, the product is the best gas saturation of 80%, do not inflate excess.

3, children should be used under adult supervision.

4, non rescue equipment, do not use in water.

5, remember not to inflate high pressure gas.

6, avoid sharp objects or chemicals.

Note: the use of this product must have swimming skills.

Package Included:

1* Swimming Pool

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