10g/h Portable Ozone Generator With LCD Display Hygrometer

SKU: 520131

Voltage: 110V



1.The timer is automatically turned off for 120 minutes. Set a timer before you leave the room. Ensure that no people (and also pets) in the room when it’s working.
2.Apply the ozone treatment One or two times a week for normal use. Increase the treatment duration and frequency when air problem recurring.
3.The latest design, full metal casing, ceramic ozone board no-clean. free replacement of ceramic ozone board (once) 60 days return and money back guarantee
4.Suitable for all places, such as hospitals, farms, basements, bars, warehouses, carpet cleaning, rooms, kitchens, ships, production workshops, pet rooms, restrooms, garages, etc.

Ozone exists in the ozone layer region of the atmosphere to protect human beings from the sunlight. We also sense its fresh and clean smell after thunderstorms.
Before ozone treatments, please do some cleaning in order to remove the source of the odors. Close the windows and doors. Make sure nobody and no pets are in the room.
It's highly recommended to set the timer and leave it in the room. Treatment time can be adjustable according to the room size and air quality. If you have no clues, you can start with 10 min, and increase the treatment duration or frequency for the next time.
Wait One Hours Before Occupying
Allow at least one hours after treatment is finished before occupying the space. If necessary, open the outside windows and doors upon reentry.
You can take out your ozone generator and schedule an ozone treatment whenever you suffer from odor issues.

Package list:

1* Ozone generator
1* power cord
1* user manual

CAUTION: Ensure that no people (and also pets) in the room when it’s working.

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