Skin Tightening Wrinkle Removal Radio Frequency

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What is Fractional RF?

The RF beauty is a kind of heat penetration therapy. Through radio frequency a high-frequency alternating electromagnetic wave energy is transmited to the subcutaneous tissue, inspire the dermis collagen contraction, regeneration, increase the skin thickness and density of the dermis, Tyra fill wrinkles, eliminate the scar, restore skin elasticity and luster, commonly know as -waves lift electric lift

Three major characteristics of the RF beauty technology

  • 【Safe】Non-surgical, non-intrusive, no anesthesia, no injections, no pain, nonivasive, don't need to recovery high safety
  • 【Celerity】Immediate skin tightening, a nursing can make the relaxation of the skin instantly feel the lifting firming effect
  • 【Lasting】Keep a long time, high speed promote skin collagen continue, 2 to 6 months to shallow wrinkles vanish and restore skin youthful state


  • Tighten the skin, shrink pores
  • Remove wrinkles deeply, modification of facial contour, face lift and remove the double chin
  • Collagen, activate cells, increase skin elasticity and gloss, whiten the skin
  • Dilute the black eye
  • Bags under the eyes and the wrinkles

Product Efficacy

1. Repair skin, tissue

    RF beauty is a kind of non operation, a new method of beauty.
    It uses capacitor combined electrode is used for transmitting wave energy and generating an electric field across the skin surface into the subcutaneous tissue. In the high frequency and lattice 1 MHz electrode, the electric field changes about 86400000 times per second, in order to reply to the repid change in electrode, the charge particles within the skin will change direction at the same frequency. Moves and generates heat energy natural resistance at the subcutaneous tissue .Dermal collagen at a temperature of 45-60 degrees celsius, will immediately shrink, and it let the relaxation of the skin after treatment immediately feel the upward lifting, firming skin effect, when ever fount produce collagen, it can make the thickness and density of the skin dermis increase, smooths the wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and gloss, and fair complexion and meticulous
    Radio frequency thermal effect can increase blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, improve the local tissue nutrition and enhance enzyme activity

    2. Deep import

    RF has strong deep import function, combined with hot spring which contains the essence of the "active gene repair function" or protect skin to taste, do deep into the nursing effect will be better, under the combination, it activates the skin collagen regeneration and reconstruction of soft tissue, the skin is new-born, and it achieves the bright skin, the cosmetology, anti-fades overall effect

    3. Infrared light care 

    Infrared ray is a kind of life of electromagnetic wave, the wavelenghth range is 4-14 microns, strong permeability, can penetrate human skin 15 cm, produce resonance with human cells and accelerate the new supersedes the old. After the infrared light is absorbed by the body. It can produce a soothing and beneficial to human body heat. Can infiltrate into the body's tissues, cells and repair the human body, infrared properties

    Activate the activity of biological macromolecules, to promote and improve blood circulation, increase metabolism, diminish inflammation, swelling and other health care efficacy


    • Power: 16W
    • Voltage: DC9V 2A
    • Size: 20*4.9*5.5CM
    • Net Weight: 110G
    • Meterial: ABS

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