CPAP Bacterial Viral Filter For Breathing Mask Tube Machine Accessories

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This filter technology helps stop the viruses and bacteria that often plague sleep therapy users creating a clean, sterile environment for a healthy night's sleep.

These filters actively clean the air as it leaves the CPAP or BiPAP machine, working in conjunction with the machines built in filters,to provide exceptionally clean air throughout the night and helps to protect against viruses and bacteria.

Low resistance to gas flow means that the user keeps the strong airflow that come from the CPAP/BIPAP machine.

Bacterial Filter For CPAP/BIPAP Machines is quick and simple to install and replace,simply attach the filter to your machine between the air outlet and your standard CPAP tubing.

They should be replaced whenever the white filter material begins to look dirty.


Material:Filter Cotton

Function: Filter Viral

Weight: 0.015kg

Package Include:

2×CPAP Bacterial Filter

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