CPAP DisinfectionBag Cleaner and Sanitizer for CPAP Masks Cushion and Tubing Cleaning Use

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The bag is portable, making it easy for travel and storage.

Fits on most models and brands of CPAP mask and tubing in the market.

Sanitize your mask or tube quickly and easily.

Simply put mask or tube inside the included bag, zip it up, and turn on the disinfector.

The Sanitizing bag is convenient to sanitize your mask and tube,you also can use this bag carry your CPAP accessories.

How To Use ?

a.Connect the CPAP disinfector and mask by the tubing (for Mask disinfection);Connect the CPAP disinfector and tubing (for tube disinfection)

b:Switch on the CPAP disinfector,put the mask and tube inside the bag.

c:Pull the bag zipper up for disinfection,ensuring it is zipped tightly

Package Include:

1×CPAP Disinfection Bag(only bag,not include CPAP Disinfector)

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