CPAP Full Face Mask for Auto CPAP BiPAP Machine

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Type: Anti Snore Chin Strap
Item Type: Sleep & Snoring
Material: Medical silicone
Pressure Range: 4-30 cmH2O
Work Mode: CPAP
Model Number: CPAP MASK
Type: CPAP Sleep Mask
Air Flow: WNP
Size: Snoring , Sleep Apnea
Power Supply: Anti Snore Nose Clip
Store Temperature: Connect With CPAP

Why choose us:

1.Environment-friendly Materials: Adopts environment-friendly concept of absorptive elastic fibers
2.Ergonomic Design: Face matching headgear. Make sleeping turn around more relaxing.
3.Durable: the elastic fiber material can recovery its elasticity immediately after being fiercely stretched. Can be washed repeatedly without fraying, curling, shedding, or other forms of degradation.
4. Anti-choke vent design: Provides fail-safe operation.
5. Easy Installation: Adhesive buckle design for all the connection parts, which is easy for size adjusting and wearing.
6. Anti-bacterial and sealed package ensures users health.
7.Compatible with all the masks and CPAPs in the market. 


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