Culinary Butane Cooking Torch for Camping BBQ Kitchen Desserts Soldering Chef Food

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Compact design, easy to carry, easy to operate.

The flame size can be adjusted.

The flame temperature can be adjusted.

Flame temperature can be as high as 1300 degrees Celsius.

It can be fired in all directions up and down 360 degrees.

It is very convenient to replace the gas tank. It takes only 1~2 seconds to replace the gas tank.

Can work continuously for a long time.

Metal surface cleaning, building waterproof construction,cement/terrazzo surface treatment, drying, heating, welding, cutting, barbecue, etc.


Color: White

Full Size: 20.5×4×7.3 cm/8.1×1.6×2.9 inch

Weight: 0.2 kg

Calibre of spout: 2.2 cm

Maximum Firepower: 1300 Degrees Celsius

Consumption of Gas: 150g/h

Type of Gas: Burtane

Quantity: 1pc

Package Include:

1 x Culinary Torch


1. Please keep away from the kids.

2. Power off when you change the gas.

Notice: Gas cylinder is not included for safety reason

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