220V Detachable Sandwich Maker Grill Waffle Maker

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How to Use:

1. first, preheat the sandwich machine. After the machine is
electrified, the red light starts, and the warm-up starts. Until the
green light is on, it shows that the temperature of the disk is
basically uniform. At this time, the preheating is over.
2. open the sandwich machine and put a piece of cream - coated
slices of bread, about 1 centimeters thick, on the lower baking tray,
with a creamy side down.
3. will be fried eggs, ham, salad, meat. Put the vegetables and so
on the loaf of bread. Be careful not to put too much
4. at last, close the lid gently, press and buckle the buckle
5. heating for about 2-3 minutes, open the lid to see whether a
piece of bread into yellow, it is a sandwich.


Power: 700 watts
Material: food grade non-stick coating
Overheating protection
Anti-slip feet
Cover with lock
Heat resistant housing
Up to two delicious sandwiches in one pass!

Package includes:

1 set Sandwich Maker

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