1x Ear Safe Health Wax Mobility Cleaner

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Because of the eardrum is weak, this product design for safety design of the wind just can suck up the small ear wax, so feel when use suction is small, but often use this effect will show up in product period,therefore As the saying goes: alert lady - clever don't see sharp ears, eyes bright unknown see eyes bright not bright, so the ear health matters.If there is excessive ear wax and shampoo, bath and other reasons of residual moisture is not clear in time, it is easy to cause some ear disease.
However, the traditional method for depth of the amount of ears, especially for the elderly, young children and infants tao ear, it is easy to damage the ear, more the lack of a good way to clean water.
Now electric ear absorption apparatus (some called electric apparatus of the amount of ears, ears, ear cleaner, clean the ear), will solve these troubles for you.Pay the cost of a division of the amount of ears, can have only a few years contentment earmuffs baby sucking built-in pony ear device and fan, there will be a sound, but will not affect the use of sophisticated chic modelling, generous.


1.This product against excessive ear wax and bathing shampoo residual
moisture is not clear in time the development of an electric clean ears,
modelling is exquisite, natural, smooth appearance
2.This product can quickly clean ear dirt, is suitable for all ages, sexes,
keeps ear auditory sensitivity. Clear. Clean. Health. Comfortable;
Smoking only one minute at a time, listen to the feeling is different.


Material: ABS + Silicone
Powered by 2x AA batteries(not included)
Color: White
Package Includes:
1 x Ear Cleaner
4 x Nozzle
1 x Instructions


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