Electric Derma Auto Micro Needle Roller Anti Aging Skin Therapy Face Stamp Pen

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It is electric micro needle derma roller.
The needle is stain steel needle.
You can adjust the size of the needle
You can adjust the lenght of needle by turning the adjustment ring clockwise or counter clockwise
Visual and noticeable improvement in a few days from the first treatment
Short healing time
No permanent damage or injury
No bruising, infection, discoloration or other complications
Extremely high absorption of any active ingredients
Thickens the dermis without damaging or removing epidermis.


Scar removal including acne scar removal or treatment.
Acne Scar Removal, Acne Scar Treatment
Anti Wrinkle Treatment, Anti Aging
Hair Loss Treatment or Hair Restoration
Surgical Scar Removal
Hyper pigmentation treatment.


1 x Derma pen
1 x Needles

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