Multi-function electromagnetic wave foot massage instrument

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Toxins: remove the body of garbage, increase lymphatic drainage more than 2 times to promote metabolism

To promote the cycle: to promote blood circulation, increase blood circulation 4 times, improve the human microcirculation.

Activated cells: modified energy waves penetrate the cell membrane, participate in cell bio-motor movement, so that cells return to health.

Balance blood: to promote the body movement, to reconcile the blood balance.

Regulate immunity: enhance the body resistance to disease.

The machine also has the following characteristics:

Easy to use and easy to operate

Based on ergonomic design

Do not produce any side effects

Functional accuracy: a wide range of conditioning, all-round family health care

Infrared function: a deep penetration through the infrared massage, improve blood circulation, blood circulation, stasis, detoxification effect.

Digital interface design, 9 kinds of correction energy wave, 50 kinds of strength adjustable


Voltage: 220V

Frequency: 50HZ

Power input: 3W

Amplitude: ±2.0mm


1x Electromagnetic wave foot massage instrument

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