72-Character Letters Manual Embosser Credit ID PVC Card VIP Embossing Machine

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Character selector: Daisy characters plate
28 Capitalization case of English letters: A~Z + I, P
20 Capitalization & Lower Arabic numerals:0~9
22 symbols: &‵, . –/() K V D $ £ ¥ N O .— /():
All characters are corresponding with ISO standards.
Internal 72 code characters:
2 Modify splanishing symbols:■ █
2 gears for word spacing gap: 1/7 inch (for big characters), 1/10 inch (for small characters)
Operation: Manual
Raise type lines:1-11 lines
Raised type location indication:indicator or sample card
Dimensions (L x W x H): 13 1/2'' x 10 3/4'' x 7''

Package includes:

1 x PVC Card Embossing Machine
1 x Punch Handle
1 x Handle Fastening Screw
1 x English User's Manual
1 x spanner
1 x Sample PVC Card


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