Portable Skin Care Face Lifting Skin Rejuvenation RF Beauty Machine

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Voltage: 110V



Spraying + RF electric + blue light.

Spray skin care product into nanometre size.

Five levels energy adjustable

Function and principle introduction


Function: The solution is uniformly applied to the treatment part by the ampule along the electrode’s micro-pore, strengthen the seamless cooperation between the solution and the electrode particles, promote products absorption to more than

RF electric

The radio frequency electric energy directly acts on the skin, instantly enhance the permeability of

the skin tissue. Under the action of electric shock, an electric hole is formed on lipid double layer of cell inner membrane to help it smoothly penetrate and enter the cell inside. By using the principlethe same charges repel each other”, a positive potential is applied to the positive electrode’s nutrient molecule, can push the nutrient molecules into inner membrane. At this moment, the neutral molecules also penetrated and smoothly enter into cell membrane inside. Therefore, it achieves the effects of deep moisturizing, all-round lifting and firming, wrinkle removal and whitening.

RF light

Blue light: the light wavelength is 413nm±30nm, it can help the skin care products to anti-acne on

the skin secretion, improve skin absorption and relieve muscle tension.

Product parameter

Adapter output voltage: 24V, 1.5A

Adapter working voltage: AC100-240V

Frequency: 2MHz±0.1MHz

Power adjustment: 1-5 levels

Output frequency: first level 13W, second level, 14.5W, third level 15W, forth level 17W,

fifth level 22W


1*RF face lifting beauty machine

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