3 Color Photon LED Infrared Facial Neck Mask Skin Microcurrent Massager Rejuvenation Anti-Aging Beauty Therapy

SKU: 420533

Nominal Voltage: 110V



Skin Whitening, skin Rejuvenation

Diminsh inflammation, acne removal

Repair damaged skin

Calming and purify skin

Reduce freckle and wrinkle


3 Wavelength Light (Red light (630nm) + Blue light (415mm) + Far infrared ray (830nm))

198pcs Top quality LED chip, 4 times of the traditional led mask, High energy output, 360° treatment. Achieve the effect in clinic.

Compare to the old led mask, this mask is adjustable in size, effectively help you absorb the LED light. Increase the neck part, remove the neck wrinkle.

1-5 Level microcurrent for acupoint Massage

Microcurrent Stimulation was includes. Through facial seven acupoint massage, accelerate the nutrition absorbtion, conditioning blood, improve facial dull yellow skin.

Creative Oxygen Nozzle

Oxygen is the important factor in skin regeneration, this led mask increase the Creative Oxygen Nozzle, you can adjust the oxygen during the treatment, bring you the pleasure facial spa.

Voltage: DC24V/2A-2.5A

Power Consumption: 28W

Packing Includes

1 x led facial mask (Facial & Neck)

1 x Controller

1 x Power adapter

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