(Only US)Foot Massager Machine with Heat Air Compression

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Egg-shaped design, fashionable and beautiful, lightweight and portable.

A combination of a variety of functions including scratching, roller kneading and push kneading acupressure, air pressure and heating.

Massager pad that provides all-around massages and in-deep acupressure to clear the body’s meridians and foot reaction zones.

With 113 °F soothing heat therapy, this Shiatsu foot massager improves blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, help you get better sleep.

Equipped with wireless remote control and an LCD display panel, you can set modes, intensity, heat, and time at the touch of a button.

Removes and washable cover, allowing you to keep clean at any moment.

Better blood circulation for feet, facilitates metabolism, eliminates fatigue, improves sleep quality, and helps with general heal and well-being. Bringing convenience to life.

The whole family will enjoy using the foot massager to rejuvenate their feet and unwind after a long day of running around.


Time: adjustment the massage time.

Mode: there are 3 modes: P1 is kneading and air pressure massage together; P2 is kneading only; P3is air pressure massage only.

ON/OFF: turn on or turn off the machine.

Heating: making yourself feel much warmer and more comfortable.

Intensity: there are 5 levels to make massage stronger or not: L1-L5.


Rated voltage: 110V

Rated power: 45W

Time rating: 15min

Dimension: 41*36*22cm (16.1*14.2*8.7inch)

Weight: 5kg (11lbs)


1x Foot Massager

1x Remote control

1x Manual


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