Gaming Chair Office Executive Desk Chair

SKU: 520181

Color: black


1. The height of the chair is adjustable,so it can be applied to different tables and different people.
2. The max reclining angle for this computer chair is 160°. You can lie on it and rest as you like.
3. The armrests are soft padded and height adjustable.
4. Our chair also has light rocking mode. As long as you pull out the lever, you can rock the chair back and forth, relax your spine and neck.
5. The 360 degree universal wheel can let you slide smoothly at any angle, any position, to any place you want to go,and will not hurt your wooden floor.
6. Headrest and Lumbar Pillow could be removed.Headrest and Lumbar Pillow could be removed if you open the button. The high and soft back relieves tension in the lower back, preventing long term strain. The included headrest will take the pressure off of your neck while leaning back, giving you maximum support for comfort and convenience.
7. Conforms to the Ergonomic mechanics, reduces the sedentary burden for your spine.
Color: Black,Blue,Red,White
Material:Faux Leather
Adjust Height:122-132cm
Adjust seat height:45-55cm
Seat depth:52cm
Max load:120Kg
Package includes:
1*Gaming Chair

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