Handheld Digital Temperature Gun Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

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Fast temperature measurement: measurement time less than 1 second.
Switching between ℃ and ℉.
The user can freely set the alarm temperature according to his own situation.
Store 32 sets of measurement data, which is convenient for individual and multi-person analysis and comparison.
Large Screen LCD display, white backlight, can be clearly displayed under any light.
One-button measurement, simple and convenient operation.
There is no measurement after 15s, and the screen is automatically turned off.
It only measures the infrared radiation signal emitted by the human body, and does not touch the human skin, which is harmless to the human body, prevents cross-infection between multiple people.
Electronic infrared temperature measuring instrument with high accuracy, suitable for infants, children, adults.


Display unit: ℃/℉
Memory: 32 groups
Size: 153*93*41mm (6 * 3.7 * 1.6 inchs)
Weight: 220g (0.44lbs)
Measuring range: 32℃-42.9℃ (89.6℉-109.22℉)
±0.3℃ (32℃-36℃)
±0.2℃ (36℃-39℃)
Temperature units: ℃/℉ adjustable
Measuring distance: 5cm-15cm
Humidity: ≤85%, RH
Powered by: 2*AA batteries (Not included)


1* Infrared Thermometer
1* User manual

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