Inflatable Baby Bathtub Cartoon Safety Inflating Bath Tub for Toddlers Kid

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Both inside and outside the pool with a unique material.

The warm water of inflatable bathtub inside between the cold ground separated two pieces PVC and a layer air, PVC thermal conductivity is not strong, the middle also separated a layer of air, let the warm water of the bathtub can continuous heat preservation.

Outside material of infant tub

Air insulation layer

Central air-cushion design, Independent inflatable, To prevent the baby falling water, also can Mom be easily cleaned baby's body.

Anti-slip design, full consideration baby restless habits, let your baby free stretch, enjoy bathing fun at the same time does not decline.

Plus a large drain valve, free control basin water, no longer have to pour a spoonful of out.

High grade green PVC material, thick green PVC material, a super elastic, be able to bear hit, be able to bear press, to baby skin no stimulation, safety and environmental protection.

Leak proof inflatable mouth, can push inflatable mouth, does not leak, safe and reliable, fast charge and discharge gas.

Anti-slip design, the bottom bar anti-slip design, prevent tub sliding, baby more safer.

Bottom hook design, can hanging on the wall when not give up state, does not occupy space, easy storage

Package included:

1pc bathtub

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