IPL Epilator Women Permanent Hair Removal Machine Painless Facial Body Hair Shaver Electric a laser Skin Device

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  • The IPL epilator can not only effectively remove hair, it can also promote cell regeneration, restore skin elasticity and rejuvenate skin.
  • IPL technology, the pulse light penetrates into hair follicles to inhibit the hair regrowth ability, long term use can achieve permanent hair removal.
  • Non-irritating, no any adverse reactions or side effects, safe and painless without hurting the skin.
  • Five adjustable energy levels, you can choose the suitable energy level according to the skin tolerance, it is suggested to try from the lowest level.
  • Quartz lamp head for better hair removal effect and longer using life.
  • With heat dissipation holes on the back of the machine, full heat dissipation and use safer.
  • 3.0c㎡ light launch area, 300000 times flash, efficient and fast hair removal.
  • Two operation mode: Manual and automatic flash, the automatic flash is suitable for arms, legs area, the manual flash is for lip, armpit, bikini area hair removal.
  • It is available for both men and women.


Material: ABS

Voltage: 220V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power: 36W

IPL level: 5 levels

Light launch area: 3c㎡

Retained spectrum: ≥530nm

Package Content:

1 x IPL epilator

1 x Power adapter

1 x User manual (English)

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