LED Light Phototherapy Face Device 7 Colors Photon Therapy Spot Eliminate Acne

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Nominal Voltage: 110V


Introduction and application of light therapy

LED light therapy beauty instrument is the use of photodynamic principles, activation of deep cells, so that the skin better metabolism. Light is absorbed by the skin, the light can be converted into intracellular energy, relaxation and enhanced micro-blood tube and produce a photochemical

reaction - an enzymatic reaction with the skin, increasing the activity of catalase and superoxide dismutase (SOD) as cells "guards" and "cleaners". Increase cell energy the formation of the source of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) decomposition. Promote cell metabolism and synthesis, increase

the glycogen and protein content, which stimulated 5 times the collagen. Stimulate the body of basic synthetic fiber growth factor (BFGF) epidermal growth factor (EGF) secretion, so that collagen fibers and elasticity, fiber rearrangement, block and eliminate melanin formation, accelerate cell growth, speed up blood circulation, stimulate fibroblast tissue to produce collagen protein, increase skin elasticity, to repair the aging skin, acne skin, dilute the spots, enhance the tight, ease the sun burns and other care plays an important role.

 LED light therapy skin beauty instrument is the principle of light irradiation, both safe and simple, but also re-use to achieve the purpose of maintaining facial skin. It fundamentally solve the problem of whitening, skin aging, that is: to improve the activity of cells; promote cell metabolism,

So that a large number of collagen secretion of collagen and fibrous tissue to fill itself. Accelerate blood reflux, increase skin elasticity, improve skin chlorosis, dull of the situation, so as to achieve whitening, rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle, blemish and other repair effect. The instrument on the basis

of the original technology upgrades, using a 7-color different cold light source, that is, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, blue, laser light, each light has a different effect, you can deal with different skin problems with one instruments, practical and affordable

Introduction and function of light source


Wavelength of 630nm, known as "biological activity light". Can improve cell light spot, rejuvenation to wrinkle, Increase skin elasticity, improve skin condition, repair damaged skin, shrink pores firm skin, anti-aging antioxidant effect.


Wavelength 470nm, can kill the anti-inflammatory effect of inflammation, can be no damage to the skin tissue in the case of efficient destruction of the bacteria such as Propionibacterium, and In a very short period of time to significantly reduce the inflammation of the acne to recovery. With acne sores, disinfection anti-inflammatory, repair the skin, do not leave the effect of pox marks and pigments.


Wavelength 520nm, with the balance, can reduce the skin oil secretion, balance the proportion of water and oil, effectively relieve mental stress, dredging lymph and drainage.


Wavelength: 690nm, is the red and blue light of the dual frequency light, which combines the effectiveness of two kinds of light therapy, especially in the treatment of acne and acne marks have a particularly good effect and repair effect.

Clear blue light

Wavelength: 490nm, can gradually enhance the energy of cells, and the metabolism has a very good role in promoting


After special treatment of 590nm wavelength, to improve the exchange of cell oxygen, to the skin cells to add energy, decomposition of pigment, promote lymphatic drainage, improve skin roughness, wrinkles, treatment of skin Redness fever, moss, etc., to enhance immunity

Laser light

Wavelength: 510nm, penetrate the skin deep, to speed up the metabolism of active tissue, decomposition of stains, improve fine lines and loose skin.

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