Liposuction Cavitation Strong Ultrasound Fat Burn Diet Slim Firm Body Treatment Beauty Machine

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Work Theory:

Work Theory of Ultrasonic Liposuction Equipment,ultrasonic equipment,ultrasonic slimming equipment,slimming equipment. The equipment takes the strong ultrasonic heads to release 40,000Hz powerful ultrasonic, speedy vibrates fatiness cells, produces countless vacuum air pocket in and out of cells, mightily impacts the fatty cells, makes the cell membrane produce the inner cracking, so as to dissolve the triglyceride to be the glycirin and free fatty acid, at last, uses the dynamical red photon and the oriented electrode to do skin tightening, gets the body slimming and beauty effect.


1. Mightily cracking the cellulite,remove the fatness.


It uses the strong ultrasonic head to shoot 40,000Hz ultrasonic, after entering the body, will make the fatty cells produce mighty cracking effect and fatty cells friction, effectively exhaust the heat energy,exhaust cells water, let fatty cells shrinking. Moreover, when the ultrasonic vibrates, there will bring mighty impaction among cells,fatty cells will be less, so get effect of fatness removal. 

2. Dissolve the fatness , do lymph drainage, skin tightening, enhance skin elasticity.

3. Improve the orange tissue, slim and sculpture the body contour.

Through the electrode energy of the equipment, it produces biology waves to stimulate the body relevant points. With different frequencies and pulses, under many physics electron reciprocity, stimulate the fatness, let the body exercise, so exhaust the heat energy and fatness again, get the effect of sculpturing the body.


Adopt the top ultrasonic liposuction technique in the world.

Suitable for all kinds of skin.

Comfortable, painless, woundless during the treatemnt.

Easy operation, easy study.


Operation Frequency:40KHz

Power 200W

Voltage: 110V/220V

Package Size:32×30×43cm

Package Includes:

1 x Main Machine

1 x 40KHz Cavitation head

1 x Ultrasonic flat head

1 x Ultrasonic pointed head

1 x Operation Manual

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