Mini CPAP Cleaner Disinfector + bag+CPAP Air Tubes

SKU: 670243-670278

Color: White



Mini CPAP Cleaner Disinfector:

100% brand new and high quality


Working mode: Auto

Material: PE


Waterproof grade: IPX1

Battery: Recharge Li Battery 2200mAh;

Application: Sterilized For CPAP Machine,Tube,Mask;

Time For Cleaning Cycle about 25 minutes By Ozone;

Fit for 22 mm diameter CPAP tubes

CPAP Tubing Hose:

★A total of 2 (2 package of 1) piece of tubing new and unopened

★Each tube is 6 foot in length and 19 mm diameter,(Sub caliber 22 mm)

Package Includes:

1x CPAP Cleaning device

1x USB cable

1x Power Adapter

2x CPAP Tubing Hose

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