Mini HIFU Line V-Shape Anti-wrinkle Skin Tightening Ultrasound Face Lifting Machine RF LED Anti Wrinkle Skin Care Spa Freeshipping

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This is a type of mini V-max face lifting machine. It is a new design home use beauty machine based on the technology of mechanical wave and RF principle. It has the effect of facial, product lead-in, promoting the regeneration of fascia layer and Collagen.

Depths: Directly works to SMAS

Temperature: Non-invasive stimulate the re-generation of collegan.

Hifu: Focused ultrasound only works to the treatment area, no hurt to the around.

No recovery time: No harm to the daily life.

No need to do surgery.

Comfortable when doing treatment: Energy passes over skin, no hurt.

Lifting face, remove wrinkles: Activate collagen, enhance skin moist, so to remove wrinkles and fine lines.

Tightening skin, shape V face: RF and HIFU double effect, shrink pores and firm skin, shape your V face.

Lifting neck, anti- aging: Massaging and lifting your neck usually can remove neck wrinkles and double chin.

Improve eye skin condition: Place around eyes are tender, so please use low level to care your eyes around.

It can remove fine lines and dark circles.


1pc Machine; 

1pc power adaptor; 

1pc gift Box;

1pc Manual,

1pc water injection Tool,

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