Monopolar RF Radio Frequency Machine Skin Lifting Frozen Therapy Anti-aging

SKU: 420975

Nominal Voltage: 110V


Features of Monopolar

  • Oscillation width is very short.
  • Almost no ion movement of the human body components. No electric-chemical reaction and electrolysis.
  • Short period of pulsation
  • No simulating of the sensory nerves and motor nerves not to lead to the muscle contracted. (Electric-acupuncture -effect with thousands of stimulation without muscle fatigue or accumulated lactate)
  • Not piezo-electric
  • Possible to be applied to eyes and head

Features of Cold Operation

  • Make face skin tight, smooth and delicated
  • Enhance to help blood circulation, metabolism and relaxation
  • Strengthens collagen; enhances elasticity

Regulate preparation and Notice

1. Connection (please refer the product mix content and connection method above).

2. Regulate the voltage selection, 115V for the standard voltage range for the 90-120V, 230V for 210-240V range. (This is very important, a wrong choice is easy to damage or affect the effectiveness of the instrument)

3. Confirm the main power switch off position at 0.

4. Plug in the power and turn the main power switch.

5. Gently coated with special rubber on the treating parts. (Cleaning before conditioning, more better)

6. Installed the RF head on the probe handle. (Connect the metal cylinder into the connection hole to the deepest)

7. Subject's hand with a non-drying (dry cleaning) grip loop handle, thumb put on the red power button on the safe preparation, if not press the red switch, the machine will not work.

8. Regulate the time required.


Voltage & current: 90-120V/210-240V

Frequency: 50-60HZ

power consumption: 350W

Function frequency: 3Mhz

Material: ABS resin (host)

NW: about 3.5KG

Packing specification: 350MM*350MM*280MM

GW: about 5KG

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