Trendy Mosquito Repellent Insect Bug Repel Stickers Pure Citronella Oil

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Deet Free & Harmless non-toxic

No stain, no stimulation, close protection, to avoid bites by mosquitoes.

Suitable occasions: fishing, sunbathing, camping, hiking, sports, checkpoints, etc.

Use Methods.

Remove from the packet and simply stick to clothing, socks, hat, girl`s shorts, bikini, computers, desks and chairs, beds, backpacks and other, but if possible, don`t adhesive to skin directly.

After opening packs, keep in air tight container or clip seal bag.

Note: Repellent products according to the environment, temperature and other natural factors, the effect after wearing each person is different, can effectively prevent and reduce stare mosquito bite, but not after a hundred percent that did not wear a mosquito bite.


Color: Random delivery, Don't offer color choice

Composition: Natural citronella essential oil + Non-woven Fabric

Size: diameter 2.8cm (patch)

Package Included:

10x Repellent Mosquito Sticker (60 Stickers)

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