Multi-Functional Raincoat Outdoor Travel Poncho Sunshade Ground Mat for Outdoor Activities

SKU: 550687

Color: Blue



It can be used as a backpack cover, mat, rain poncho.

Poncho type backpack conjoined raincoat, durable products (performance is better than the traditional plastic film raincoat, products wear resistance, easy cleaning.

Poncho back specially designed to accommodate large protrusions can also be hidden in the rain inside, with arm cuff using the convenient head design with a brim.

Neck with a magic stick, wear off more convenient.

210T lattice fabric, the composition is 100% polyester fabric, PU3000MM (joint Department of the pressure plastic treatment, waterproof good, punched in the use of thickening treatment).


Ground mat size: 220CM*145CM

Weight: 260g

Color: orange, blue

Package size: 21*8*5cm


1* Multi-Functional Raincoat


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