Multifunctional Military Army Aluminum Alloy Compass with Map Measurer Distance Calculator

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1.This multifunctional compass is really a great innovation. It

features two dials, one is used for measuring azimuth 

degrees, the other one is for measuring distance on the 


2.Floating compass dial with high accuracy 360 degree scale:

made of solid aluminum alloy material and damping liquid-

filled, this durable and solid compass can be used for a long 


3.Measuring Wheel: This newly designed measuring wheel 

allows you to measure both straight and curve distance on 

the map, easy to obtain the real distance

4.Compact and Lightweight:it measured 3.15 x 2.16 x 0.77 

inches (W x H x D),5.7oz, it can perfectly fit in your pocket. 

You won't be easy to feel tired while you are on the trip.

5.liquid-filled capsule with floating dial.

6.Ruler units on the sides measuring inches & centimeters.

7.Adjustable diopter sighting lens.

Package Include:

1 * Lensatic Compass (with



1* Instruction

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