U-Shaped Cordless Electric Travel Neck Pillow Massager

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The neck pillow massager Simulate real-life massage, use grasping, rubbing, pressing techniques, full-coverage deep massage, effectively absorb the neck pressure, evenly apply pressure points, give enough support protection, comfortable tilting left and right.

Get the ultimate comfort by using kneading mode, it will help relax your muscles even more and deliver the best therapeutic deep tissue massage, leaving you revitalized and free of pain.

The neck massager's timing mode is set to automatically turn off after 10 minutes or press and hold the power button to turn it on, you can enjoy your sleep and massage simultaneously.

3~5 seconds slow rebound memory cotton: After repeated soft and hard detection, use 50D density memory cotton to ensure the support of head and neck during using, and ensure softness and flexibility during sleep. Rope buckle design can up and down sliding adjustment.

U-shape ergonomic design perfect to use for Neck Massage. Multi-purpose massage pillow- It's not only a massager neck pillow but also a travel pillow.

It is quiet when operating, you can use it in your office, library and talk with your friends when using it.


Size: 26*24*10cm

Material: Memory Foam + Velour Fabric

Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Charging time: about 2 hours

Power supply: USB

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