110V Adjustable Portable 1-7L/Min Oxygen Generator Concentrator With Intelligent Voice

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Easy to operate, large color LED screen, clear display, timer operation function and with infrared remote control, let it be easier and more convenient.
Concentrations up to 93%, the flow can be adjusted from 1L to 7L.
The oxygen purity regulation is divided into four levels (1L: 93%; 4L: 50%; 5L: 40%;7L: 30%).
The oxygen system with oxygen generation and atomization. Professional atomization is more reassuring switch oxygen generation and atomization at will.
The pure copper oil-free compressor lets the oxygen generator save energy and power while maintaining lasting power. Greatly improve the
working efficiency of the oxygen generator.
Strict selection of molecular sieves is uniform longer service life, more stable adsorption.
Hd screen display monitors oxygen concentration in real-time, old people can also operate easily.
Innovative muffler noise reduction design and oxygen are more comfortable.
A new upgraded 8-level filtering system ensures that every breath of pure oxygen.
7L large flow can make two people at the same time oxygen.
Voice prompt broadcast every operation in real-time and reduce operational errors.
Free control of oxygen intake time and reduce safety risks.
Humanized portable handle design, so that you can carry it everywhere.
The innocent design quality with wet the cup, intake muffler filter, portable groove, exhaust vent double safety device, and the voice power switch.


Rated voltage: AC110V
Plug: US
Input Power: 150W
Operation Noise: ≤60db
Oxygen Flow: 1L-7L/Min, Adjustable
The particle size of solid matter ≤ 10um
Oxygen concentration 30-93% (adjustable)
Oxygen generation method: pressure swing absorption (PSA)
Remote control area:11㎡-20㎡
Machine weight about 6kg
Outline size:390*270*200mm

Package Includes:

1 x Main oxygen generator
1 x Oxygen tube
1 x Remote control
1 x Power cable
1 x Wet cup
1 x Filter sponge set
1 x Atomizer
1 x User Manual

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