10g Ozone generator household disinfection machine

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Voltage: 110V
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Ozone is a strong oxidant that quickly kills bacteria in the air at a certain concentration. There are no toxic residues, no secondary pollution, and its chemical nature is particularly lively. It is known as "the cleanest oxidant and disinfectant".
Product Descriptions:
Name: 10g Ozone Generator Air Purifiers Disinfection Machine
Material: Stainless steel Acrylic
Color: Silver
Ozone output:10000mg/h
Input voltage: 110V
Output high voltage: 5.5±0.5KV
Current consumption: less than 750mA
Power consumption: less than 200w
Size: 17X17X14cm


● Sterilization is thorough, will not cause secondary pollution
● Silent work
● Easy operation and convenience
● Wide range of applications
Application: Scope: Suitable for household, car, workshop, greenhouse, bathroom, conference room, public disinfection, air purification

Package include:

●1 x Ozone Generator

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