110V Auto Pool Clean Robot

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Type: Cleaner
For Use With All The Flat Bottom: Above-Ground & In-Ground Pools
Flow Rate: 710Gal/H (2,700L/H)
Cordless Design: For Full Range Motion
Speed Of Movement: 32.8Ft/H (1,000M/H)
Li-Battery Recharge Time: 5-6 Hours
Cycle Use Time:90 Mins: Built-In Water Sensor Activates
Non-Slip Wheels: Adjustable Wheel Axle
Locking Clips: Head Locking Flap
Underside Debris Agitators: Optional Bumpers
• Autonomous Pool Clean Robot
• For use with all the flat bottom above-ground pools and in-ground pools
• Cordless design for full range motion; No need for tangled cords
• Automated cleaning at the toggle of power switch
• Built-in rechargeable durable lithium battery
• Recharge time: 5-6 hours
• Cycle use time: 90 minutes
• Included Drop / Retrieval Kit
• Built-in water sensor activates the cleaner once it is fully submerged in water, and deactivates when water level is insufficient, to protect the motor
• Easy clean stainless steel filter screen traps to 4.5L of debris inside the base compartment
• Patented directional jet system ensures efficient cleaning
• Non-slip wheels
• Ideal for pools up to 484ft.² / 45m²
• Flow rate: 710gal./h (2, 700L / h)
• Speed of movement: 32.8ft./h (1,000m / h)
• 110V
• Part Highlights:
- Carry Handle
- On / Off LED light
- Long lasting stainless steel filter mesh.
- Adjustable wheel axle
- Locking clips
- Head locking flap
- Underside debris agitators
- Optional bumpers

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