366*76cm(144*30in) Round Frame Swimming Pool Set Pipe Rack Pond

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Color: Set B
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For: family USE
optional accessory: pump,ground cloth,pool cover
volume: 6503L(90% fullfilled)
Product Specifications: 366x76cm(D*H)(144''x30'')
Color: Blue
Package weight: 28 kg
Set B: Pool & Filter Pump
Set C: Pool & Floor Cloth & Pool Cover
Set D: Pool & Floor Cloth & Pool Cover & Filter Pump
Water preparation time: 30 minutes
Pool Features:
1. Easy to build, without any auxiliary tools
2. "super-tough" toughness of the traditional material is 3 times the outer two layers of PVC tape, the material of interlayer is the mesh, with greater bearing capacity, toughness,stronger.
3. Stretch to increase the support of the piece to ensure safety
4. Reinforced edge of the pipe through the pool to make the pool more stable
5. There are multiple outlet, easily drained water
6. Increased steel support, the framework of the pool can now be made larger size
7. "super-tough" material for the polymer PVC, resistance to gasoline, oil and salt water erosion, abrasion, pressure, light, with sufficient bearing capacity

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