Skin Tightening Ultrasonic Cavitation 40K Fat Burning Weight Loss machine

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1. The process can be completed without surgery and anesthesia.

2, will not cause uneven phenomenon.

3, will not bleeding and swelling phenomenon.

4, no side effects, significant results, will not rebound.

5, non-invasive without injury, does not affect the normal working life.

Working principle

The use of aggregating a strong acoustic wave head emits a strong sound wave with a frequency of 40000 HZ. It rapidly vibrates the fat cells, generates numerous vacuum cavities inside and outside the fat cells, and strongly impacts the fat cells, causing inward blasting of the adipocyte membrane, and decomposition of triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids. The frequency of up to 0.5MHZ of radio frequency waves, so that the decomposition of glycerol and free fatty acids excreted through the liver and intestinal circulation, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss body.

Fat Blasting Process

1. Sonic Blasting: Directly hit the fat layer through strong sound waves, vibrate deeply deep stubborn fat, generate numerous vacuum cavities inside and outside the fat cells, and strongly impact the fat cells, so that fat cells are inwardly blasted and decomposed into free fatty acids.

2. Radiofrequency fat dissolving: Through high-efficiency RF energy, it can promote fat decomposition again, promote body metabolism, and decompose free fatty acids through enterohepatic circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Technical advantages

1, using the world's cutting-edge strong sound pressure technology.

2, suitable for all skin.

3. During the nursing process, it is comfortable, painless and non-invasive.

4, easy to operate, easy to learn and use.

5, no consumption, low cost, quick return.

Package Includes:

1*Skin Tightening Machine

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