Solar Energy Mosquito Killer Light Insect Killing Lamp For Gardens Outdoor Places Pest Reject

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It traps the mosquitoes in a wide range. Mosquitoes get electrocuted after entering the power grid and die. Killing effect is obvious.

It features intelligent light control sensor and solar automatic charging. Connect it to the solar panel and turn on the switch to charge during the day. Light automatically turns on at night then.

It is windproof, rainproof and 360 degrees waterproof.

AC charging and mobile power bank charging, killing the mosquitoes


Solar panel: 6V/3w Polysilicon

Mosquito killing area: 50-100m2

Life index: 5-10 years

Light source type: 24 SMD LED lamp beads

Mosquito killing type: high-voltage electric shock

Lighting mode: white light for lighting, purple light for killing mosquitoes

Battery type: 2 2000mAh 18650 batteries

Use environment: outdoor and indoor places

Material: ABS plastic

Mosquito killing time: over 72 hours

Charging method: USB

Lighting duration: over 8 hours

Packing list:

1 * 6V/3W polysilicon solar panel

1 * Mosquito killer light

1 * Holder

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