Multi-size Folding Rectangular Swimming Pool Cover and Ground Cloth set

SKU: 260698-260699

Color: 220 set


Note: This is not a swimming pool


1. Multi-size is suitable for various inflatable swimming pools.

2. The cover and the ground cloth are made of polyester material, which are safe and wearable and can protect the swimming pool very well.
3. Waterproof pool covers extend the life of the pool and make the pool more durable.These pool covers fit snugly over the top of the pool to prevent leaves, dust and debris from accumulating in the pool.
4. Can be folded, and it is easy to move to any location place.
5. Easy to install, suitable for all kinds of swimming pools.


Material: polyester cloth
4 sizes available

Package Included:

pool cover *1
pool ground cloth *1

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