Swimming Pool Foam Filter Sponge Reusable

SKU: 37890334-1

Type: 1pcs


Changing your paper filter cartridge is part of your routine maintenance for your pool and regular replacement of the cartridge can prove costly. These washable and re-usable foam filters will reduce your costs.
Initial cost of this cartridge is slightly more than a paper cartridge yet will outlast a cartridge by a long way
This Foam filter will outlast your paper cartridges and can be washed and re-used several times over.
Advises changing a paper cartridge each week, whereas these foams can simply be washed and put back. You should see a foam filter last around 2 months.
Material:PU Sponge
Color:Blue ( Picture has a slight color difference )
Center Hole Drilled:approx.40mm
Package Included:
1*Sponge column


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