Swimming Pool Sand Filter System Pool Pump

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Plug: US Plug



The sand traps dirt and debris in a durable, corrosion-resistant filter tank as a pre-filter strainer basket catches larger debris, such as leaves, hair, and dirt to ensure that the pump lasts many summers of use. Water flows through the pool pump at a flow rate of 1500 gallons/h or 2200 gallons/h.
Our filter comes with the Dispenser, which maintains gentle and skin-friendly water by providing a stable level of chlorine that is evenly dispersed throughout the entire pool.
The filter pump offers a highly efficient way to keep your pool water crystal clear at all times.
This filter pump has two hoses connected to different locations on the pool. The loose end of the hose is connected to the input of the pump and the other end to the output.
This product arrives pre-assembled for added convenience. A top flange clamp design with 360 degrees rotation s quick and smooth installation.


Hose: 1.5inch/3.8cm
Voltage: 110-120V, 3.5A
Pump Flow Rate: 2200gal (8327L)/H
System Flow Rate: 1800gal (6813)/H
Pool Compatibility: For use with 300-14400gal (1100-54500L) pools
Filter Cartridge or Sand Grain: Required sand size: #20 silica sand, 0.45-0.85mm, approximately 20kg.
1* 2200gal Sand Filter
2* Diameter 38mm hoses
1* Chemical Doser

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