Ultrasonic Massager Ion Import Mole Sweep Facial Salon Machine

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High frequency ultrasonic vibration can promote blood circulation and metabolism to help remove the dirt deep in your skin, easily making your skin smoother and tighter.

Three different probes are supplied for flexible and multi-purpose use, can provide ultrasonic vibration for different treating areas like forehead, nose bridge, cheeks, chin, T zone with perfect fit, also can eliminate spots on your face, no bleeding caused or scars left.

Effectively improve the absorption of essence, cream or lotion to achieve deeper nourishing effect, shrink pores, reduce wrinkles and so on.

Easy to operate with button control and clear indications, feel free and ease to enjoy facial care and cleansing as desire.


Material: ABS

Main Color: White

Plug Type: 110V US Plug

Package Included

1* Main Unit

1* Power Cable

2* Ultrasonic Probe

1* Spot Pen

1* User Manual

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