RF 3 in1 Skin Care RF Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine

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Nominal Voltage: 110V
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1.Being integrated with the most advanced RF technology, the instrument may directly reach the deep skin tissues to get instant skin care effect.

2.The RF handle is equipped with self-diagnostic functions based on safe design, which can automatically verify local temperature by itself. This will be more secure to use.

3.The RF handle can offer 1,000,000HZ frequency, promote skin absorption and activate skin cells, provide obvious and long-lasting beauty results.

4.High security: The current concentrate on radio frequency heads, so the skin temperature cooling is no needed.

5.Adopt bohr effect principle. The oxygenation handle can generate millions of carbon dioxide molecule to activate the natural mechanism of human body, make your skin cell filled with oxygen, and nutrients can be absorbed by the skin cell easier to solve skin problems from the root.

6.The oxygenation handle can offer high frequency micro-vibration, improve the permeability of your skin, activate skin cells.

7.3D annular electric wave, helps to remove wrinkles effectively, enhance skin elasticity and tighten skin.

8.Ideal for replenishing moisture for deep skin, regaining elasticity, shrinking pores, rejuvenating and improving skin, smoothing wrinkles, etc.

9.Safe to use without wounds, treatment risk or other side effect.

10.Well designed, suitable for beauty salon use and home use.


1.Clean the face and apply a nutrient gel.

2.Use the oxygenation handle to massage you skin in a faster uniform circular motion. Operating for 2 minutes is suitable (men's skin and people with large pores can be used for five minutes).

3.The chemical reaction between the oxygenation handle head and the gel can generate a large amount of carbon dioxide and water, and a perfect weak acid environment will be formed on the skin surface, and a large amount of oxygen is automatically generated inside the skin.


Item Type: Skin Care Product

Material: ABS

Voltage: 100-240V

Item Color: As Pictures Shown

Operation Panel Size: Approx. 38 x 32 cm / 14.9 x 12.6 inch

Base Size: Approx. 35.5 x 29 cm / 13.9 x 11.4 inch

Package Weight: Approx. 7150 g / 252.2 oz

Function: Replenishing moisture for deep skin, Regaining elasticity, Shrinking pores, Rejuvenating and improving skin, Smoothing wrinkles

Package Includes:

1 * Host

1 * Base Support

2 * Operation Handles

2 * Transparent Handle Holders

1 * Adapter

2 * Handle Heads

2 * White Hair Bands

1 * Screwdriver

1 * Brush

8 * Screws

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